Tips for the Bride
  • It is recommended that you bring only 1-2 people to your fittings.

  • After your first appointment anticipate at least 2 return appointments.

  • It is helpful to bring all of your accessories to your final fitting to see all of the items
    together,such as your veil and jewelry.

  • Bring someone to your final fitting for your bustle lesson.

  • A quote will be given at our first fitting as each dress is unique.

  • Bring the undergarments and shoes you will be wearing to your appointment
Seamstress Denise Roberts
Seamstress Denise Roberts

Basic Bridal Alteration Prices

Prices listed are subject to garment requirements and
prices will vary according to difficulty

Hem only                                           $ 50 & up
Corset                                               $ 50 & up
Bustle Only                                        $ 50 & up
Bustle and Hem                                  $ 85 & up
Bustle, hem, sides etc.                        $175 & up
Cups                                                  $ 15 & up
Add Straps                                         $ 15 & up

Prom Gowns, Brides Maids and Mothers

Hem only                                           $25 & up
Hem, sides etc                                   $65 & up
Cups                                                 $15
Add Straps                                        $10 & up
To insure proper fit garments should be tried on when you pick up your
alterations. Additional alterations needed after pick up will incur additional

All prices are approximate and subject to change